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You're already dead


You know that I want you
And you know that I need you
I want it bad, yo bambi ass

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Very insightful, thank you

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Can i get an amen?

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college application: image

college administration: youre in

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i have a bunch of high school musical party supplies who wants to party with me

we’re all in this together


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what is happening?

Crop top movement 2k14

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oh hey my picture was placed in this and I rather like the composition.

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Wolgang Tillmans, ‘Central Nervous System’

“Making a portrait is a fundamental artistic act and the process of it is a very direct human exchange. The dynamics of vulnerability, exposure, embarrassment and honesty do not change, ever. I’ve found that portraiture is a good levelling instrument for me and it always sends me back to square one.”

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Keith Haring’s apartment.

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